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Kelly Wynne Privacy Pouch in Tickled Pink


So you've already scored a major #WYNNE with our clear bags, but you don't want to let the… unmentionables… cramp your style. We have the perfect solution with our Privacy Pouch! Decked out in your fave Kelly Wynne prints, this lil carrying case jazzes up your clear bag while keeping everything you’d rather not see….concealed. ;)

DESIGNER TIP: When I'm not using my Privacy Pouch in my clear Mingle Mingle Mini, I love carrying it in my everyday purse to keep smaller makeup items like lipsticks, eyeliner, and mascara handy! xo, Kelly

  • Embossed leather in a glittery blush pink with a shiny surface
  • 6.75" x 2.5"
  • Petite gold logo
  • Unlined interior